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Immigration can be an administrative minefield to navigate. Paperwork, processes, long waiting times—oh my! VetCare walks the path beside you to ensure a smooth, stress-free experience on how to become a vet in Canada.

What Does Immigration and Relocation
Support Mean?

As we’re looking to grow with Doctors of Veterinary Medicine (DVMs) from across the globe, VetCare works beside you to make the immigration process as simple as possible. 

How we support you:

Visa and Work Permit Icon

Visa and work permit

We’ll connect you with a team of immigration specialists who’ll advise you every step of the way as you apply for a visa and work permit.

Canadian Veterinary License Icon

Veterinary License

Get advice and guidance from our panel of experts to ace the recertification process so that you can practice in Canada.

Financial Support Icon

Financial support

We take care of legal and immigration fees and will also help you with a temporary home when you arrive in Canada.

How to become a Vet in Canada

Although it’s difficult to predict exact timelines, we have created a unique process to streamline the process and kickstart your journey to Canada. Depending on your individual situation, we will tailor steps to ensure you’re supported all the way.

Here’s a basic outline of what you can expect when you decide to join VetCare:


Meeting Our Care Team

A virtual meet ‘n greet with our Practice Care Centre team to explore your experience and career goals. We will discuss opportunities within VetCare where you might be a good fit.


Applying for a Work Permit

Once you’ve decided on a city where you’re excited to live, and a VetCare practice location you’d like to join, we’ll start working together with immigration consultation lawyers to apply for your work permit.


Becoming Certified

While your visa is processing, we provide everything you need to know and do to become certified in your selected province. No one likes to wait in limbo—that’s why we want to make sure that before you even enter Canada, or very shortly after, you will be able to join your new VetCare practice as a DVM. 


Growing Career with VetCare

You start your new life in Canada, growing your career with VetCare—we’re so excited to have you here!


Meet the Team

Who will be the team supporting your journey to VetCare? Meet your key contacts:


Lori Anne has 20+ years of progressive experience in People and Culture roles, with significant experience in high growth businesses. A proud Mom to 5 children and 2 cats, she loves spending time with her family and pets in her spare time!

Lori Anne Paananen

VP, People & Culture

As an architect of dreams, Brian works closely with candidates to help build their careers through our network of practices across Canada. His goal is to align personal and professional development, with a focus on work-life balance.

Brian Dawson

Manager, Talent Acquisition

Jordan aims to be a pillar of support to the People & Culture and Practice Care Centre Team, focusing on the growth of each individual function and VetCare as a whole. Interested in joining our team? Jordan looks forward to helping you.

Jordan Lum-Tong

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Andrew is devoted to helping practice owners realize their transition goals, cultivating a dedicated team, and ensuring our hospitals deliver quality patient and client care. He holds an MBA from INSEAD and is a Chartered Professional Accountant.

Andrew Black

Founder & CEO

Dragana supports clinics in BC with ongoing direction and coaching to ensure our veterinary teams are focused on delivering excellent patient and client care. She shares her life with Lilly, a tiny Terrier X, and two cats, Oskar and Zeus.

Dragana Hajdukovic

VP, Operations

Albert brings over 30 years of experience in the veterinary field to this role. He seeks to continually excel in medicine, surgery and communications. He enjoys running, biking, music and camping with his wife and their Sheltie.

Dr. Albert Wimmers

National Medical Director


Current Opportunities

See an opportunity that connects with you? Want more details on how to become a vet in Canada? Get in touch with VetCare today so that we can talk about your career goals and start the immigration process with you. 

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